Module dauth.hashdrbg

DAuth - Salted Hashed Password Library for D Hash_DRBG Cryptographic Random Number Generator


Name Description
HashDRBGStream The underlying stream-like interface for SystemEntropy.
SystemEntropyStream The underlying stream-like interface for SystemEntropy.
WrappedStreamRNG Takes a RandomStream (ex: SystemEntropyStream or HashDRBGStream) and wraps it into a UniformRNG InputRange.

Global variables

Name Type Description
defaultPathToRandom string
defaultPathToStrongRandom string
isRandomStream void


Name Type Description
HashDRBG WrappedStreamRNG!(HashDRBGStream!(TSHA,custom,EntropyStream),Elem) Cryptographic random number generator Hash_DRBG, as defined in NIST's SP800-90A.
SystemEntropy WrappedStreamRNG!(SystemEntropyStream!(pathToRandom,pathToStrongRandom),Elem) Reads random entropy from a system-specific cryptographic random number generator. On Windows, this loads ADVAPI32.DLL and uses RtlGenRandom. On Posix, this reads from a file (by default, "/dev/urandom" normally and "/dev/random" when Yes.PredictionResistance is requested). The speed and cryptographic security of this is dependent on your operating system.