Module dauth

DAuth v0.6.1 - Salted Hashed Password Library for D

Writen in the D programming language.

Tested with DMD 2.064.2 through DMD 2.066


This API Reference

DMD flags to enable DAuth unittests:

-unittest -version=DAuth_AllowWeakSecurity -version=DAuth_Unittest

DMD flags to enable DAuth unittests, but silence all non-error output:

-unittest -version=DAuth_AllowWeakSecurity -version=DAuth_Unittest -version=DAuth_Unittest_Quiet

Note that dauth.sha is not automatically included by "import dauth;" and must be imported separately. This is because it's only in DAuth temporarily (until SHA-2 is in Phobos). On compilers where SHA-2 exists in Phobos (ie, DMD 2.066 and up), then DAuth does NOT use dauth.sha.

The module dauth.hashdrbg is also excluded by default because a Phobos pull request is in the works.

Import all:

import dauth;
import dauth.sha;
import dauth.hashdrbg;


Nick Sabalausky


© 2014 Nick Sabalausky


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