mysql-native v3.0.0

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API documentation

mysql.protocol.comms Internal - Low-level communications.
mysql.protocol.constants Internal - Misc protocol constants.
mysql.protocol.extra_types Internal - Protocol-related data types.
mysql.protocol.packets Internal - Tools for working with MySQL's communications packets.
mysql.protocol.packet_helpers Internal - Helper functions for the communication protocol.
mysql.protocol.sockets Internal - Phobos and vibe.d sockets.
mysql.commands Use a DB via plain SQL statements.
mysql.connection Connect to a MySQL/MariaDB server.
mysql.escape Escape special characters in MySQL strings.
mysql.exceptions Exceptions defined by mysql-native.
mysql.metadata Retrieve metadata from a DB.
mysql.pool Connect to a MySQL/MariaDB database using a connection pool.
mysql.prepared Use a DB via SQL prepared statements.
mysql.result Structures for data received: rows and result sets (ie, a range of rows).
mysql.types Structures for MySQL types not built-in to D/Phobos.
mysql Imports all of mysql-native.