Struct Row

A struct to represent a single row of a result set.

The row struct is used for both 'traditional' and 'prepared' result sets. It consists of parallel arrays of Variant and bool, with the bool array indicating which of the result set columns are NULL.

I have been agitating for some kind of null indicator that can be set for a Variant without destroying its inherent type information. If this were the case, then the bool array could disappear.


Name Description
this A constructor to extract the column data from a row data packet.


Name Type Description
isNull [set] bool Check if a column in the result row was NULL
length [get] ulong Get the number of elements (columns) in this row.


Name Description
opIndex Simplify retrieval of a column value by index.
toStruct Move the content of the row into a compatible struct


Name Description
opDollar Get the number of elements (columns) in this row.