Module mysql.common


Name Description
MySQLDataPendingException Thrown when attempting to communicate with the server (ex: executing SQL or creating a new prepared statement) while the server is still sending results data. Any ResultRange must be consumed or purged before anything else can be done on the connection.
MySQLException An exception type to distinguish exceptions thrown by this package.
MySQLInvalidatedRangeException Thrown when attempting to use a range that's been invalidated. In particular, when using a ResultRange after a new command has been issued on the same connection.
MySQLNoResultRecievedException Thrown when the executed query, unexpectedly, did not produce a result set. Use the exec functions, not query (query, querySet, queryRow, etc.), for commands that don't produce result sets (such as INSERT).
MySQLNotPreparedException Thrown when attempting to use a prepared statement which had already been released.
MySQLProtocolException Received invalid data from the server which violates the MySQL network protocol. (Quite possibly mysql-native's fault. Please file an issue if you receive this.)
MySQLResultRecievedException Thrown when a result set was returned unexpectedly. Use the query functions (query, querySet, queryRow, etc.), not exec for commands that return result sets (such as SELECT), even if the result set has zero elements.
MySQLWrongFunctionException Common base class of MySQLResultRecievedException and MySQLNoResultRecievedException.


Name Description


Name Type Description
MYX MySQLException
MYXDataPending MySQLDataPendingException
MYXInvalidatedRange MySQLInvalidatedRangeException
MYXNoResultRecieved MySQLNoResultRecievedException
MYXNotPrepared MySQLNotPreparedException
MYXProtocol MySQLProtocolException
MYXResultRecieved MySQLResultRecievedException
MYXWrongFunction MySQLWrongFunctionException
OpenSocketCallbackPhobos std.socket.TcpSocket function(string, ushort)
OpenSocketCallbackVibeD Object function(string, ushort)