Game Boy Advance Project AppWizard for Visual Studio 6
by Nick Sabalausky ("Abscissa"/"Nitrode")
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There are two distributions of GBAForVS6, Standalone and Full. The Standalone Installer includes only the AppWizard and necessary helper files. DevKitARM must already be installed to use the Standalone Installer. The Full Installer includes the AppWizard and DevKitARM, and is recommended for those who do not already have DevKitARM.

Installation is simple. GBAForVS6 comes as an executable installer, so just download the installer, run it, and it'll do all the work. Note that if you choose to not have it install DevKitARM for you, then you'll need to tell it where to find your existing DevKitARM directory.

Current Version:

Standalone Installer: v1.0 (590k)
Full Installer: v1.0.1 (5.55 MB)

Note: the only change from v1.0 to v1.0.1 is that the Full Installer includes a newer version of DevKitARM. Hence, version 1.0.1 does not apply to the Standalone Installer.

Old Versions:
Full Installer: v1.0 (5.56 MB)

View the README file for information on how to use GBAForVS6, known issues, FAQ, and version history.