Game Boy Advance Project AppWizard for Visual Studio 6
by Nick Sabalausky ("Abscissa"/"Nitrode")
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About GBAForVS6

GBAForVS6 is a Project AppWizard for Microsoft Visual Studio 6 that makes it easy to use Visual Studio to develop programs for Game Boy Advance. Although it is primarily an AppWizard right now, its aim is to serve as a complete Game Boy Advance development environment hosted on Visual Studio that encompasses various homebrew GBA-development tools.

The goal of GBAForVS6 is to make it as easy as possible for people new to Game Boy Advance development to get started, and to streamline the development process for more experienced Game Boy Advance developers.

NOTE: GBAForVS6 only works with Visual Studio 6 and Visual C++ 6. It does not work on any version on Visual Studio .NET at this time. However, I am working on a special version for Visual Studio .NET (GBAForVSNET), which will hopefully be available soon.

Update (Jan 21, 2008): Doesn't look like there's much interest in this. There won't be updates, a VS.NET version, or a Nintendo DS verion unless I get a bunch of feedback from people who really do want it. Also, I know I didn't release the source for this (or the installer), but if anyone does want it to build off of, or pick up where I left off, or whatever, then let me know, and I'll dig it up.

You can download GBAForVS6 at the Download page.

News updates for GBAForVS6 can be found in My Useless Rants at

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GBAForVS6 in Action
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