We Need Browsers With Built-In "Share On Site X"

No, I didn't bump my head and mistake today for April 1st. And no, I haven't "seen the light" on social networking and link-sharing sites. I still have no interest in using any of them. But I want browsers with built-in "Share on Twitface, Digg, Reddit, Links-Up-My-Hipster-Ass, and every other such site in the universe. I want all that shit crammed into every damn browser everywhere. And I want it prominent, like bookmarking or searching.

The reason is simple: If this shit's built into the browser, then the internet hipster assholes don't have to clutter every damn page on the web with their "Share on..." bullshit, not to mention the JavaScript bloat that inevitably comes with.

Note this isn't a "great new idea". It is a fucking great idea of course, but the basic premise is well-trodden ground: Remember what an enormous improvement it was when hardware drivers became part of the operating system so software developers didn't have to pack their own (often shitty) drivers in with every fucking app? (Yes iPhonies, "app" is indeed a very old word.) Of course you don't remember: That's because the internet has the memory of a gnat's dick.

So let's get that social linking garbage into all the browsers already! Hop to it!

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  1. (Guest) guest
    2012-08-04 06:03

    You're in luck then! Windows 8 has sharing built in as does OS X 10.8 (and Safari). Chrome on tablets and phones has it, hasn't quite made it to the desktop yet though. Last time I checked Ubuntu was all over sharing, not sure though.

  2. (Guest) j7n
    2014-11-09 07:18

    Great idea. Although a modern browser is quite likely to have that crud difficult or impossible to disable, by hiding the option in about:config/flags in order to enhance the user experience and discoverability, and be written in JavaScript itself instead of native code.

  3. 2014-11-10 15:41

    @j7n: Very true. :(

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