Scriptlike v0.8.0

A bunch of new updates to Scriptlike: A library to aid in writing script-like programs in D.

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Highlights (more info at full changelog):

  • Change: Minimum officially supported DMD increased from v2.064.2 to v2.066.0.
  • Change: API reference now built using ddox and uses much improved styling (actually uses a stylesheet now).
  • Change: Misc changes to reduce symbol conflict issues with std.file/std.path.
  • Change: Eliminate remnants of the "planned but never enabled" wstring/dstring versions of Path/Ext/Args. There turned out not to be much need for them.
  • Enhancement: Add module scriptlike.only to import all of scriptlike, but omit the helper Phobos imports in scriptlike.std.
  • Enhancement: fail now accepts an arbitrary list of args
  • Enhancement: Added failEnforce.
  • Enhancement: Added runCollect and tryRunCollect, to capture a command's output instead of displaying it.
  • Enhancement: Added pause to pause and prompt the user to press Enter.
  • Enhancement: Added Path-based wrappers for std.file's getcwd, thisExePath and tempDir.
  • Fixed: No longer uses the deprecated std.process.system().

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