gen-package-version v0.9.0: New tool: Auto-generate version/timestamp info

Automatically generate a D module with version and timestamp information (detected from git) every time your program or library is built.

Even better, all your in-between builds will automatically have their own git-generated version number, including the git commit hash (for example: v1.2.0-1-g78f5cf9). So there's never any confusion as to which "version" of v1.2.0 you're running!

The gen-package-version Homepage

Full usage and instructions are at the link above, but here's a brief primer for those using it with dub:

To use:

Add this to your project's dub.json file:

"dependencies": { "gen-package-version": "~>0.9.0" }, "preGenerateCommands": ["dub run gen-package-version -- --src=path/to/src"]

Now, when you build your project with dub, it'll automatically download, install and run gen-package-version, which will generate the file path/to/src/package/name/packageVersion.d

Then just import that and use it:

module; import std.stdio; import; void main() { writeln("My Cool Program ", packageVersion); writeln("Built on ", packageTimestamp); }

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