Don't be a Trend Chump

Paul Thurrott, long time level-headed voice of reason on all things Microsoft, has lost my respect:

"Don’t be a chump. The Start button and Start menu were cool in 1995. Today, they’re as passé as the clunky computers we used back then."
    -- Paul Thurrott, Windows 8 Tip: Embrace Change

Really? I'm supposed to be shamed into upgrading to a bad OS (yes, I've used it) upon threat of "passé"? What the fuck is this, computing or a French fashion show?

Unlike certain chumps, I'm not interested in being cool or avoiding what's passé. I'm interested in my computer working the way I want it to. Microsoft is clearly no longer willing to offer that. Therefore, I'm no longer willing to buy and use their new flavor-of-the-month, walled-garden operating systems. If I liked that sort of thing, I would already be an Apple user.

Microsoft's loss, not mine.

If Paul's fallacy isn't already obvious, I'll put it another way: The usual automotive interface of "steering wheel, gas pedal, brake pedal" was developed ages ago after some years of futzing around with awkward designs. Then, the interface we all know and use was developed. (Actually, it was mostly borrowed from the design of an older more obscure car people had forgotten about, at least according to an episode of Top Gear.)

So, it should be interesting to modern trendsters that every decade or so we're NOT trying to reinvent the steering wheel, poorly, and shame people into conformance by branding what's already proven to work well with un-hip, but ultimately meaningless, notions like "passé".

Don't be a chump: Don't fall for cheap shame tactics.

UPDATE 2013/05/28: Anyone who demands that I have to "give it a chance" any more than I already have, can suck my buttsack.

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