Ahh, Irony

You'd think a sudden stop to the flood of spam in the comment moderation queue would be a nice relief. Instead, I find it makes me paranoid that "The comment system didn't just suddenly break, did it?!?".

Go figure.

Oh well, I'm sure the spam traffic will pick back up again!

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Damn Spam: Comment Moderation Reluctantly Enabled

I apologize for this, but I've had to enable moderation on all comments (including my own, interestingly enough). This was unfortunately necessary because an automated IP-hopping spambot seems to have discovered my little corner of the web here and overcome the admittedly basic captcha.

So sorry if it takes a few days for any comments you post to appear, as I'm approving them manually now.

And yes, I know there are a lot of other things I could do to improve the situation (replacing the captcha, updating the blog software, various IP-based stuff, etc), but frankly I'd rather put the time into my own [still incomplete and rotting] replacement blog engine, which I never seem to have time to touch... :/, instead of messing around any more with this one.

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"Not-A-Blog"? WTF?

Why do I insist on not calling this a blog? Call me out of date, but when I think "blog" I think "LiveJournal".

(Feeling deja vu?)

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New Pages: Classics and Links

As you can see in the upper menu bar, I've added a couple new pages: Classics and Links.

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Fixed Comment Styles

It had been bugging me forever, but I've finally gotten the CSS for comments fixed. I think it got screwed up (along with many other things) waaay back when I upgraded TangoCMS.

So anyway, now the article comments don't look like crap anymore! Yay!

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Back up again...

The "Newer TangoCMS version available" banner in the control panel finally started annoying me enough that I made the mistake of upgrading my TangoCMS installation. A bunch of stuff broke. Then my webhost switched me to another server and that particular version of PHP broke things even more. And my attempts to fix it nearly nuked the DB.

So for months, this site went through various forms of brokenness.

Now, after some DB micro-surgery, a few months, yet another server change, and some blind dumb luck, it's basically working again. Except the side-bar navigation. That's still thoroughly hosed. But I ain't touching it.

I am working on a completely home-spun system, written in D (no more PHP bullshit, I've had enough of that piece of shit excuse for a language), which will fix all the things I hate about this and every other off-the-shelf CMS I've ever come across. Not to mention a new webhost (VPS or bust!). But it's not ready yet, and I don't know when it will be (as a pet project, it's unfortunately on a pet project timeframe). At least this incarnation is more-or-less hobbling along in the meantime, though.

EDIT (2011.09.24): Comments are still here. I know there's no link that says "Comment" anymore, but just click an article's title or "Read more" link. The comments will be there.

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