DConf 2013 Video Torrents

The torrents contain the videos plus the presentation's slides in PDF format. Most videos are about 50 minutes long.

If you don't have a torrent client, I recommend uTorrent v1.8.5.

You can also rip the YouTube videos yourself with the FireFox add-on Video DownloadHelper.


[360 FLV] Low quality, Mono Roughly 150MB Ripped from YouTube. (How to play FLV files.)
[OGV] Low quality, Stereo Roughly 230MB Ogg Video format.
[720 MP4] Medium quality, Stereo Roughly 500MB Ripped from YouTube. (Highest quality available from YouTube.)
[Orig MP4] Highest quality, Stereo Roughly 630MB The original non-transcoded file.


Title (and link to DConf's info page) Presenter Torrent Links Direct Downloads Other Links
Opening Keynote by Walter Bright [360 FLV] [720 MP4] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit]
Copy and Move Semantics in D by Ali Çehreli [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit] [Hacker News]
Distributed Caching Compiler for D by Robert Schadek [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit]
Writing Testable Code in D by Ben Gertzfield [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit] [Hacker News]
Using D Alongside a Game Engine by Manu Evans [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit] [Hacker News]
Concurrent Garbage Collection for D by Leandro Lucarella [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit]
The D Development Process by Walter, Andrei, et al [360 FLV] [720 MP4] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Reddit]
GDC by Iain Buclaw [360 FLV] [720 MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit]
Shared libraries in D by Martin Nowak [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit] [Hacker News]
C# to D by Adam Wilson [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit]
Web Development in D by Vladimir Panteleev [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit] [Hacker News] [Facebook] [Twitter]
A Precise Garbage Collector for D by Rainer Schütze [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit] [Hacker News] [Facebook] [Twitter]
Higgs, an Experimental JIT Compiler written in D by Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit] [Hacker News] [Facebook] [Twitter]
Falling Down: the birth of Åkerön by Andrew Edwards No Video Recorded
Metaprogramming in the Real World by Don Clugston [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit] [Hacker News] [Facebook] [Twitter]
Code Analysis for D with AnalyzeD by Stefan Rohe [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit] [Hacker News] [Facebook] [Twitter]
D-Specific Design Patterns by David Simcha [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Reddit] [Hacker News] [Facebook] [Twitter]
LDC by David Nadlinger [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit] [Hacker News] [Facebook] [Twitter]
Effective SIMD for modern architectures by Manu Evans [360 FLV] [720 MP4] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit] [Hacker News] [Facebook] [Twitter]
Quo Vadis? by Andrei Alexandrescu [360 FLV] [Orig MP4] [archive.org-Orig MP4/OGV] [YouTube] [Slides Only-PDF] [Reddit] [Hacker News] [Facebook] [Twitter]
Sociomantic's Interviews (13 Min) by Sociomantic [SD MP4 83MB] [HD MP4 257MB] [Orig MOV 1GB] [Vimeo] [Vimeo] [Reddit] [Hacker News] [Facebook] [Twitter]